Caz's Welcome!


Hi everyone: Welcome to my fanfiction website.

I now have a guestbook for you to write your comments about the stories - good OR bad comments are welcome. Or, if you'd just like to discuss anything Bonanza, that's great. You can also register as a member. This will be handy when I post new stories or photos. I will be able to send out an update and let you know.

Please be mindful of my story ratings. I have content rated as follows: G is suitable for all readers. PG will have adult themes and some violence and or romantic notions. R will have explicit sexual content, although I do NOT write slash of any kind. I will not post any stories without them being completed (I had done this before) This annoys me let alone readers. Therefore, I'm doing my best to complete stories from that past that were not finished. 

I have also indicated what kind of story it will be, such as cannon - written within the structure of the series with no additional main characters. Some are alternative reality - alterations to the cannon such as varying events, different time periods, etc. This is to assist you in choosing a story that will be more to your taste. Also, many of my stories feature Adam as the major character, although I do have family stories and enjoy writing about all the Cartwrights.

I hope you enjoy the site and take the time to make some comments or register as a member. If you would like to contact me at any time if you have a concern or have a problem accessing the stories, my e-mail is